tendency, accomplish, precedent, goal, skilled

  1. This decision set a _____ fro future cases of a similar nature.

  2. Although he has received no formal education, he is ____ in biology.

  3. She had always wanted to have a house of her own, and now she had attained the _______.

  4. We can ______ whatever you can, and with better results.考试论坛

  5. The ______ of today’s young people to marry and bear children at later ages reflects to some degree the development of society.

  Answers: precedent, skilled, goal, accomplish, tendency








  1. His success is in part due to luck.

  2. The radio predicted that it would get colder tomorrow.

  3. He was accompanied by his friend to the concert.

  4. According to his suggestion, the procedure has been greatly simplified.

  5. If there is no correct choice, there is no proper decision.


  1.—Each of the students, working hard at his or her lessons________ to go to university.

  —So do I.

  A. hope B. hopes C. hoping D. hoped

  2.Either you or the headmaster________ the prize for these gifted students at the meeting.

  A. is handing in B. are to hand out

  C. are handing in D. is to hand out考试论坛

  3. A library with five thousand books________ to the nation as a gift.

  A. is offered B. has offered

  C. are offered D. have offered

  4. His family________ a big one. When I came to see him last night,

  His family________watching TV.

  A. is; was B. was; were C. is; were D. are; were

  5. The poor________ helped by government programs,________?

  A. is; isn’t it B. is; isn’t he

  C. are; aren’t they D. are; haven’t they

  6. The teacher and writer________ asked to make a speech at the meeting.

  A. is B. was C. are D. were

  7. When and where to build the new factory________ yet.

  A. is not decided B. are not decided

  C. has not decided D. have not decided

  8. The number of people invited________ fifty, but a number of them________ absent for different reasons.

  A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were

  9. Four-fifths of the workers here________ ________ workers.

  A. is woman B. are woman C. are women D. is women

  10.No one but her parents________ it.

  A. know B. knows C. is knowing D. are knowing

  11. The rest of the spelling exercises _______ as your homework.

  A. is to be done B. are to do C. are to be done D. will do

  12. The rest of the food ________ in the refrigerator.

  A. is to keep C. are to be kept B. are to keep D. is to be kept



  1. The satellite ______ in a rocket. (launch)

  2. The roof _____ under the weight of the snow. (collapse)

  3. We should avoid _____ what we think about people different from ourselves. (decide)

  4. The most _____ evidence of black holes comes from research into binary stars system. (convince)

  5. There is a great deal of ____ about his retirement from active politics. (speculate)

  Answers: was launched, collapsed, deciding, convincing, speculation








  1. A black hole exerts a strong gravitational pull and yet it has no matter.

  2. If we understood black holes, they wouldn’t be so dreadful to us.

  3. His company collapsed as a result of poor management.

  4. His figure was swallowed up in the dark.

  5. Has the medicine started to operate?


  sensitive, elderly, vulnerable, deteriorate, request, debate, be affected with, take sth into account.

  1. Relation between the two countries began to ____ in 1988.

  2. The interview was put off at my ______.

  3. The girl ________ high fever.

  4. You must ______ his ignorance when making a decision.来

  5. We need to be more ______ to the needs of students. sensitive

  Answers: deteriorate, request, is affected with, take sth into account;


  1. 据说,那个病人曾要求医生助他一死。

  2. 他的才能将保证他得到成功。

  3. 他对天气的变化很敏感。

  4. 他们正准备展开一场全国性的争论。

  5. 水的污染使居民容易得病。


  1. The patient is said to have asked the doctor to help him die.

  2. His ability will ensure his success.

  3. He is sensitive to the change of the weather.

  4. They are planning to open up a national debate.

  5. Water pollution makes the residents vulnerable to diseases.


  1.家庭的a d ________; 2. 战役、运动n c ________; 3.执行 v e ________;

  4.移民 n i__________; 5. 外国人 n f ___________; 6. 目击者 n e _________;

  7. 否认 v d _________; 8. 处罚n p______________; 9. 国内的a c _________;

  10.自由 n l _________.

  Answers: domestic, campaign, execute, immigration, foreigner, eyewitness, deny, punishment, civil, liberty.


  1.民间的a f ______; 2.意识 n c _________; 3. 自发的 a s __________;

  4.多媒体的 a m___________; 5. 鼓舞 v i__________; 6. 概述,总结 v s___________;

  7.协调 n h________; 8.音乐家 n m_______; 9.乐器 n I__________; 10. 舞厅 n b______;

  Answers: folk, consciousness; spontaneous; multimedia; inspire; summarize; harmony; musician; instrument; ball.








  1. The new music was built out of material already in existence.

  2. Folk music expresses peace, friendship and hope.

  3. Instead of passive audiences, they have become active participants.

  4. Music simply wells out o f him.

  5. For the sake of your health, you shouldn’t take on so much work.


  1. 拥有n p_________; 2.获得 v a _________; 3. 满意 n s ___________;

  4. 放松 n r ________; 5. 称心的 a d ______; 6. 职业 n o ___________;

  7. 描绘 v p ________; 8. 城市的 a u______; 9. 承认 n r ____________.

  Answers: possession; acquire, satisfaction; relaxation; desirable; occupation; portray; urban; recognition

  2. 汉译英:



  3. 我方什么也没有作错。

  4. 生活质量这个术语容易理解但很难下定义。

  5. 研究和观察结果表明,人们越来越关心生活的质量。


  1. He always takes a positive attitude in correcting the mistakes of his students.

  2. His skin color isn’t relevant to whether he is a good lawyer.

  3. There’s not a mistake on our part.

  4. The term “quality of life” is easy to understand but difficult to define.

  5. Research and observation findings indicate that people are more and more concerned with the quality of life.

  1. Only when you have obtained sufficient data ______ come to a sound conclusion.

  a. can you b. you can c. would you d. you would

  2. ______ that this region was so rich in natural resources.

  a. Little he knew b. Little did he know a. Little he did know d. Little he had known

  3. Never again ______ political office after his 1928 defeat for the presidency.

  a. Alfred E. Smith seriously sought b. seriously Alfred E. Smith

  c. when did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek d. did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek

  4. Only in recent years ______ begun to realize that wild dogs, kept within bounds, often do more good than harm.

  a. people have b. since people have c. have people d. people who have

  5. _______, we were not going to make any concessions to his unreasonable demands.

  a. What may come b. come what may c. May what come d. What come

  6. Not until I shouted at the top of my voice ______ his head.

  a. that he turned b. did he turn c. he didn’t turn d. he had turned

  7. ______ received law degrees as today.

  a. Never so women have b. The women aren’t ever

  c. Women who have never d. Never have so many women

  8. Heat does not travel by convection in solid, because the solid does not move, ______.

  a. so does a liquid b. so a liquid does c. as does a liquid d. so is a liquid

  9. On no account ______ to anyone.

  a. my name must be mentioned b. must my name mention

  c. must my name be mentioned d. my name must mention

  10. ______ that they may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by 90 percent.

  a. Such construction robots are clever b. So clever the construction robots are

  c. So clever are the construction robots d. Such clever construction robots are

  answers: 1---5 a,b,d,c,c,; 6—10:b,d,b,c, c.



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